Noeline & Carmelo

Channel 7, 2006

After dancing her way around more than 60 cities and regional towns in 2004-2005 in the popular play Wallflowering with Doug Scroop, Noeline strutted her stuff for the rest of Australia in the fourth season of Channel 7's popular show "Dancing with the Stars".

"It's a terrific show", said Noeline, "I watched it one night and was hooked. Even though they vote people off, it's done in the most affectionate way. I believe the show has got its own Australian flavour."

"The reason I'm going on the show is because you can win money for charity", she said.

Noeline won quite a lot of money on 'Who Wants To Be a Millionaire' for her chosen charity Starting Points, which provides early intervention for children with special needs, and is hoping she can win more for them here.

Noeline's dancing partner was an accomplished Italian-Australian international champion in Latin Dancing - Carmelo.

Carmelo taught her the basics of Latin Dancing before the show. Their other style will be ballroom dancing - Noeline's favourite.

"Dancing is a very physical thing", said Noeline, "we've picked some energetic dance routines so our performances will be very vigorous."

Noeline enjoyed being under the spotlight on the dance floor and being able to raise money for Starting Points.

Latin dancingBallroom dancingNoeline & Carmelo
Photos courtesy Channel 7

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